Non-invasive and pain free!
Smudge-proof and water-proof brows for weeks!
Here are before and after photos of two clients I have done using the Sleek Brows 3D Brow Building technique. Notice how sparse and unshapely the brows look before.
Sleek Brows are great for anyone who wants to wake up everyday with perfect brows. They are also great for anyone suffering from Alopecia, Cancer, Thyroid issues, Aging, etc. There doesn't have to be any existing brow hairs to have this treatment.
Here is another before and after. Look how natural this looks, even this close up!
It is absolutely amazing what this treatment can do!
This treatment is actually very beneficial to your current brow hairs. The product has vitamins and minerals to actually help regenerate hair growth. In no way is it damaging to your brow hair.
The Wax Room
So...what is the process like, you ask?
At your first Sleek Brow appointment, you will have a consultation.This is so I know EXACTLY what you are looking for as far as shape, color, fullness, etc. I will wax or thread your current brows before beginning the Sleek Brow process.
It is a 2 step process. First I apply a textured paint in strokes to mimic hairs. Then I apply extensions onto the paint and/or your current brow hair. You can choose to only have the "building" process done which is the textured paint. Or, you can choose to only have extensions put in.
When I am finished, I will explain the aftercare instructions and make sure you LOVE your new brows!

Sleek Brow Options

3D Brow Sculpt Only  $95
3D Brow Build with Extensions Only  $75
3D Brow Sculpt with Minimal Extensions  $140
3D Brow Sculpt with Medium Extensions  $160
3D Brow Sculpt with Full-Very Full Extensions  $180
Complete 3D Brow for someone with no brows  $200

*Prices are for First Time Sleek Brow Clients. Repeat clients will be offered a lower price.

*Prices may change due to industry demand.


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