Eyelash Extensions

(Only offered at North Andover location)

lash extensions.jpg
Classic Full Set $165
Fill within 2 weeks $60
Fill within 3 weeks $75
One extension is applied to one natural lash. A great option for clients with lots of natural lashes looking to enhance them with both curl and length while keeping them look natural.
Hybrid Full Set $200
Fill within 2 weeks $75                         
Fill within 3 weeks $90
An application of both classic and volume lashes. Great for those with sparse natural lashes. It will fill in gaps and add a more natural looking fullness.
Light Volume Full Set $250
Fill within 2 weeks $100                       
Fill within 3 weeks $120
A fuller set of fine volume lashes. Those that want to be wowed from far away. However, we will only do what is healthy for your lashes to ensure long-lasting results. This creates a more dense lash line with a lightweight, textured fullness.
* Please note*
Refills done more than 3 weeks since last refill will be considered a full set. If you currently have lash extensions done by another lash tech, please know that they may need to be removed in order to do a fill and could be considered a full set. Lash tinting should be done at a separate appointment before the lash extension appointment. Please let us know this in advance so we can make time to accommodate. Lash tinting can also be done ON lash extensions.