Ingrown Hair Removal


Trouble with ingrown hairs in your bikini area? We have a solution. The Wax Room Inc. is now offering a facial treatment for the bikini area that treats and prevents ingrown hairs from happening. This is a 30 to 45 minute service depending on how problematic the area is. First we cleanse the area to get rid of any bacteria. Then we apply an exfoliating enzyme mask with a hot towel to help ease the ingrowns out of the skin during extractions. We will extract any ingrown hairs that are near the surface or can be easily removed. After extractions, high frequency will be used to help kill bacteria and heal the breakouts. Finally, you will leave with a soothing bikini mask on the skin that will absorb and leave you feeling hydrated and soothed. This treatment can be done as a single session to remove stubborn ingrown hairs or as a series to treat and heal more seriously troubled bikini areas. Waxing can not be done in the same appointment. If waxing, please do so a week in advance.

One Session $60

One session may be all you need. We do a great job of extracting those pesky ingrowns. 

Three sessions $150 also available.
Purchase three sessions at once and save! We recommend three sessions for those that have pigmentation issues or a recurring issue with ingrown hairs. Must purchase in person.