Waxing by Experts

Our technicians are licensed and experienced! We love what we do and will do whatever we can to make sure your experience is as painless, comfortable and enjoyable as possible!

Brow & Bikini Services

Prices vary by technician for brows and bikini waxing ONLY. These services require a higher level of expertise and are priced accordingly. A $10 deposit is required. Balance is due at time of appointment.

Brow Shaping $25

Includes waxing, trimming and tweezing of brow hairs to give a desired look/shape.

Brow Shaping Add-on to Full Face Wax $18

Must be getting 4 or more facial waxing services.


Basic Bikini Wax $40

Includes all of pubic hair outside of "bikini" or underwear line. (This can be different for everyone. Does not include stomach or thigh area.) For women only.


Tini Bikini Wax $54

More hair is removed than a traditional basic bikini. Does not include the labia or backside. Shape can be discussed at appointment. For women only.



Brazilian Bikini Wax $68

Everything removed in the front and back of bikini area unless you'd like to leave a "landing strip" or shape of some sort in the front. Shape can be discussed at appointment. For women only.

Facial Waxing

Lip $14
(+$6 for lower lip)

Full Face  $45
Includes 4 or more facial features. Does not
include brows.
Uni-Brow  $10
For those that just need the middle cleaned up.
Brow Trim  $7
For those that have unruly brows that don't
need to be waxed or tweezed.

Chin  $14

Nose  $14

Cheeks  $14


Hairline  $16

Neck (front) $14

Ears  $14

Sideburns  $14

Add Topical Anesthetic to your service!
5% Lidocaine (Highest available without prescription)
Has to be left on for 20 mins before waxing.
Click the bottle to add to your service!


Cheekies  $22

Bum cheeks. Does not include between the cheeks. For women only.


Between the Cheeks  $22

Exactly what it's called. For women only.


Full Bum  $38

Includes between the cheeks and cheekies. For women only.


Stomach Strip add-on to any Bikini  $12

Includes the area, of usually dark hair, between belly button and bikini area. For women only.

Waxing Prep & Tips

Hair MUST be AT LEAST 1mm long! This means no shaving for almost 2 weeks. OR no waxing for almost 30 days.


Hair should be NO LONGER than 1-2 inches. When the hair is too short or

too long, the process is longer and more painful.

Exfoliate the skin beforehand. Enzyme exfoliants are best because they are the most gentle and effective.

Waxing around the time you are due for your period (or while pregnant), means you will be more sensitive. Hormones = more sensitivity. However, you can wax. For bikini waxing just wear a tampon and I supply cleansing wipes. (Cleanliness is appreciated!)

Body Waxing

Chest  $35


Shoulders  $22


Underarms  $22


Full Stomach  $25


Stomach Strip  $14

This includes the area of usually dark hair between the belly button and the bikini area. Also known as the "happy trail".


Upper Arm  $22


Lower Arm  $26

Includes elbow, hands, and fingers.


Full Arm  $48

Includes hands and fingers.


Hands and Fingers  $12


Upper Back  $35


Lower Back  $30


Full Back  $60


Inner Thighs  $22

This area usually has some dark hairs that are commonly missed when shaving and continue to the bikini area.


Upper Leg  $36


Lower Leg  $40

Includes knees, feet and toes.


Full Leg  $75

Includes feet and toes.


Feet and Toes $12

Add-on Treatments

Collagen Eye Mask  $6
De-puff, hydrate, help diminish fine lines, dark circles, etc. Take it home, toss in the fridge and re-use!
Collagen Lip Mask $6
Re-hydrate and repair dry lips, help diminish fine lines, etc. Take it home, toss in the fridge and re-use!



Add one or both of these onto any wax service!